Build U Athletics Inc., established in 2019, is a brand that will make a statement in any area of your life. The name came about when talking with an inspirational and very knowledgeable financial advisor that I worked with for a few years.  He said  “If you want to improve in any aspect of your life whether it's fitness, make more money, start a business, or just be a better person, you must Build U.” From that moment on the name stuck with me and is now what I build my life around. 

My vision is to create a clothing line that will inspire, motivate and push you beyond your limits.  To have apparel that will withstand any workout you intend to put it through and to send a message that will show and tell others you are building the best version of yourself.  Our athletic clothing will not only perform to the professional level but also fit with style and comfort so you can accomplish any task or goal with ease.   

 One of my favorite quotes is “If you’re not changing, you’re choosing,” and there is nothing more true than that. My goal is to help bring this way of thinking to people around the world.  When you think you can't accomplish your goals, when you feel like giving up, or at a low point in your life, make a change, set a goal and work every damn day towards it until you achieve it!